90 days until #BooksOnBathurst

We’re just three months away from the biggest book ride of the year. This year’s book ride will take place on May 28th, along Bathurst Street in Toronto. The focus: Jane Jacobs and June Callwood. Check out our website for the full program, coming soon.


Denim wall hanging

I was piecing together this quilt for about five years. I started it when I lived on Crawford, worked on it when I lived at Heathdale House, stashed it when I lived on Howland. Now in a new house, I was determined to finish it over the Christmas break but was always intimidated by FINISHING IT. I mean, it’s a quilt…I’ve never made a quilt…I’ll have to find plastic-free but affordable batting…and what the heck will I do for the back…and it’s so finicky with all those little pieces, sewn by hand and a bit by machine. What do I know about quilting? Where do I get off starting a huge denim quilt? Might as well have a bath and call it a night.

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I spent the second half of 2015 working on a new collection of Carol Shields’ writing advice. Startle and Illuminate: Carol Shields on Writing was edited by Carol’s daughter Anne Giardini and grandson Nicholas Giardini. It includes introductions by Anne and Nicholas about the process of seeking out materials in the Carol Shields Archive in Ottawa, and what it was like to read and edit their mother/grandmother. Jane Urquhart supplied a foreword about her friend Carol and her enduring presence as a writing mentor. Startle and Illuminate is the perfect gift for any writer or teacher of writing, and for the many Carol Shields fans out there.

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