Don’t stop me now

In June 2014 I began a photo project. I had been seeing a lot of stickers that used the “stop” on stop signs as part of their message. I started collecting photos of them, only duplicating shots when I saw the same message in another city. “Stop Harper” and “Stop the Tar Sands” are common in Toronto and Vancouver, and I’m sure in other cities across Canada and perhaps the United States.

Most interesting are the stickers that are not strictly “activist” (the homage to M.C. Hammer, for example), and the stickers of stop signs that then rather redundantly appear on stop signs.



Stop Cannabis Prohibition.


This one just needs a comma.
Stop Harper, East Vancouver.
One of my favourites.
I like this non-sticker approach. Direct.
Also interesting is when stickers are pasted over with another, blank sticker, usually red. Or they’re scratched off. I’ve seen quite a few “Stop Rob Ford” stickers defaced since Mayor Tory was elected. Stop Censorship.


Definitely the most common stop sign sticker in 2014 in Toronto.


Credit: Milan Ilnyckyj. All other photos, credit: Amanda Lewis.

I’d like to continue the project as I travel around Canada and abroad, and would love to see some in French and other languages. I’m curious about who makes these stickers…do certain sticker companies specialize in “stop sign stickers”?


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